I love it when a PLN (Personal Learning Network) comes together!


A PLN is the entirety of an individual’s personal and professional support network. Everyone you meet along the way, everyone you learn something from, and everyone you teach something to can be (are) elements of your PLN. Often, an individual doesn’t realize they already have a PLN until they try to develop one. Every interaction involving teaching and learning is an opportunity to augment your PLN.

Why bother?

Never before have human beings had such an easy time communicating instantaneously over long distances. Historically your PLN was limited to your district or maybe your county, now there are no limits. Teachers benefit from 24/7 availability of resources and contacts. The PLN can be catered to a teacher’s interests and best modes of sharing and learning. Finally, a teacher’s job is to provide learning opportunities for their students. An internationally connected educator can bring new ideas, new methods, and new life to the classroom supercharging the learning opportunities and helping students meet their potential.

The Importance of Connectedness

Connected educators can provide opportunities for their students that bring meaning to their educational experience. An educator that isn’t afraid to explore partnerships with industry, partnerships with agriculture, or partnerships with other educators is a huge boon to their students. A connected educator has limitless potential for growth, but more importantly has the ability and tools to help others grow at the same time. Additionally a connected educator is advancing their profession. Every tweet, every blog post, every Youtube video is pushing education forward.

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